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You’ve found a graduate job or program that you like and you’re ready to apply. But did you know there are 12 hurdles employers use to stop you getting that job? They’re designed by employers to screen you out!

Why? Graduate recruiters are time poor and can receive thousands of applications. It’s much easier to screen out applicants who don’t fit their cookie cutter profile. And their tools are the 12 hurdles of the graduate recruitment process. Here's how to get past each of the hurdles!

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Pros and Cons of Video Interviews

I recently completed screening graduate applications using video. The video submissions were just one element of the candidate’s application and one tool in the screening process.

My thoughts: For confident graduates, video really allowed their personality to shine through. More so, than it would in a phone screening interview. On the other hand, some candidates were nervous and would likely have performed better with an interviewer putting them at ease. Read the full story

Solutions to 14 Weak Spots in Graduate Applications

Have some weak spots in your application? Grades aren’t great, no real leadership roles or relevant work experience is limited? What do you do? This gives you “work around” solutions to the 14 most common graduate application shortcomings.  Learn how other graduates have overcome them. Read the full story

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Concerned About Online Testing? Get a Friend! 

Recently I was at a meeting of graduate employers and asked the question, how many employers ever validate their screening testing and assessment results as a predictor of success within the organisation. Do the testing benchmarks they use to screen graduates correlate to success within the organization 3 or 5 years out? The unsurprising answer was no. The overwhelming majority never go back to do any analysis. Read the full story

What Employers Look For, But Don't Tell You

"We look for well-rounded candidates who have successfully balanced university, work experience and extra-curricular activities, the ability to work in a team and a desire to learn and drive your own career. Your motivation to work in our industry". Read the full story

What Are the 12 Hurdles to Getting A Graduate Job?

Graduate Online ApplicationOnline Application  

The first hurdle and it’s pass or fail based on hard data to screen you out including degree, grades and quantifiable questions. Don’t fit the cookie cutter and you’re rejected.       

Graduate Cover LetterCover Letter

Is there compatibility between your career objective and what the organization offers? Are your written communication skills up to standard? 

Graduate resumeResume

How well do you stack up against the 5 major assessment categories of academics, behavioural skills, work and extra-curricular experience and cultural fit?  

Graduate GradesGrades

Do your grades meet minimum requirements? In most cases, a knock-out blow. But not in some!

Graduate TestingTesting

An easy screen out tool especially for organizations receiving thousands of applications.

Graduate Cultural FitCultural Fit

Most employers find it difficult to communicate to graduates what cultural fit is for their own organization. But it’s assessed throughout the application and assessment processes, screening out applicants along the way.

Graduate Screening InterviewScreening Interview

You’re evaluated for verbal communication and other behavioural skills along with a genuine career interest in the organization. The number of applicants is still high, so these are shorter interviews to screen out and narrow down the numbers! 

Graduate VideosVideo Submission

Don’t take these lightly. Your video needs to convey an overall professional image. 

Graduate Assessment CenterAssessment Center

Feel good that you reached this stage but you’re a 1 in 3 or 4 chance of making it past that stage. You’re being evaluated constantly.

Graduate InterviewIn Person Interview

First impressions make the difference. We’ve all heard it and it’s true. 

Graduate Background checksBackground Checks

References, social media, drug & medical tests, police checks, credit checks. Hmm, what can go wrong?

Graduate Job OfferJob Offer

And you’re asking how can this be a hurdle? How you manage a job offer can lead to it being withdrawn!

Help to Overcome the 12 Hurdles to a Graduate Job

Overcoming the 12 Hurdles to Getting a Graduate Job is designed specifically for MBAs, graduates and Interns and presented by international graduate recruitment expert, Peter Pychtin. It covers detailed explanation of the 12 Hurdles and how to be successful, a bonus section on Behavioral Skills with sample questions and real life, winning answers from past graduates, plus a 5 point Personal Action Plan to win your dream graduate job.

See Courses for more details.

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